We have our own organic garden and farm in Ávila

We raise organic grass-fed chickens and acorn-fed pigs in our pasture in Ávila.

We grow tomatoes, chard, leeks, piparras, arugula, basil, kale and many more organic vegetables in our garden irrigated by the river.

We believe in organic farming and biodynamics as respect for nature and the taste of food.


The fire in our kitchen. everything revolves around him

In the core of the kitchen we find our Neapolitan wood oven. An oven built ad-hoc by a family of artisans, which is maintained between 450 and 500º.

This type of cooking allows us to cook our food without losing its natural hydration with a surprising and unique finish.


We don't have a star product

We leave our skin on each of our dishes.

But we do have a cover letter. A concept with which to change the rules of the game: torreznos with champagne.

We invite you to the dishes on our menu… but we can’t bring you its smell… yet.


In the heart of Madrid

We want to bring to your table a unique, exclusive and quality atmosphere in the heart of Madrid.

If you want to know the Roostiq atmosphere, come and meet us at Augusto Figueroa 47.

Reserva tu mesa
Reserve your table