Organic Mood

We have a farm, a garden and a kitchen where we raise chickens and acorn pigs, grow organic vegetables and cook with fire, embers and smoke.

At Roostiq we know that the difference is in the essentials, in knowing how to listen to our own nature and leave appearances aside.

Or have you never been excited about some chard, enjoyed a pizza that is pure funky or gone overboard with a bite of chicken?

Well that’s what this is about. Passion for eating well.

We call it Organic Mood.

Farm to Fun

The best dish is the one capable of transmitting all the passion with which it was made. A journey that starts from the most basic ingredient and culminates in a unique moment.

That’s why Roostiq neither begins in the kitchen nor ends at the table. It goes further. It has to do with authenticity and its three pillars:


The product, a professionalized passion.

We believe in the purest version of the product, whether it is a tomato, a leek or a chicken. The norm: respect for the ecosystem. The means: ecological and biodynamic agriculture based on crop rotation and coexistence between species. The result: authentic products.


Cooking, the praise of the product.

We practice ingredient cooking that emphasizes the quality and original flavor of our products. We offer what we like: vegetables, meats, fish and, why not, pizzas. We only have one mantra: simple things, done well.


The enjoyment, the celebration that you deserve.

We create welcoming environments free of protocols with one goal: to have a good time. We want each visit to be unique. That’s why our mission is to create special moments for you and the people you care about. In the end, Roostiq is nothing more than an invitation to enjoy life.

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